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I'm Jessica Lofton, full-time entrepreneur, wife, mom, vegan and Amazon enthusiast! (That's another story for another day!) After several years of working in IT, Business Systems & Operations with large international organizations to systematize and organize the back end of their business, I decided to build my dream of working for myself. I found that most entrepreneurs were exceptionally creative AND exceptionally unorganized! I took my corporate world experience and began to offer my expertise to high achieving business owners who wanted to optimize efficiency & maximize their operational excellence through systems. I love to help CEOs systematize their businesses to decrease the chaos & overwhelm and increase the freedom of time, money and effort.

Creating the blueprint to a CEO's vision is what I am most passionate about!

I specialize in creating Generational Wealth through creating Generational Documentation

You cannot ELEVATE, if you do not DELEGATE!

So let's start from the beginning... you started your business and it took off and has become a lot to handle... Or you are still working your 9-5 and building your business when you have put the kids to bed and early in the morning before your day-to-day gets in full swing... Or you have reached a point in your business that you feel overwhelmed, overworked, and know that it is time to enlist help.

Only one problem... you don't have the time to dedicate to onboard & train new team members! Now you find yourself back at square one trying to figure out how to get out of this cycle of not being clear on where to go and what to do... 


As a business owner, one of the most EXPENSIVE lessons to learn is not systematizing and organizing your business so that you can focus our time, effort and energy working in your zone of genius. 

I mean, if we are being completely honest, why did you start your business? And while I am sure there are several different answers, I am confident that the answer is NOT to be overwhelmed, stretched thin, feeling allover the place & stressed out because you are too busy wearing all of the hats in your business and neglecting various critical parts of the business necessary to grow! 

It is time to reclaim your time, increase your productivity & profits. 

Implementing our unique Framework allows you to INCREASE

Efficiency         Productivity           Profit

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